Acknowledgment and Authorization for Background Check

    Please review the following documents:

    Background Investigation Disclosure (Click to review Document)

    Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (Click to review Document)

    I acknowledge that I have reviewed and agree to the Background Investigation Disclosure and the Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I certify that I have read and understand both documents. I hereby authorize the obtaining of "consumer reports" and/or "investigative consumer reports" by Opportunity Resources, Inc. at anytime after receipt of this authorization and throughout my employment, if applicable. To this end, I hereby authorize, without reservation, any law enforcement agency, administrator, state or federal agency, institution, school or university (public or private), information service bureau, employer, or insurance company to furnish any and all background information requested by Simpliverified, 1192 East Draper Parkway, #232, Draper, UT 84020; Tel. # 1-855-837-1328; and/or Opportunity Resources, Inc. I agree that a copy electronic or photocopy of this Authorization shall be as valid as the original.

    I understand that I am signing this form electronically. I understand my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature on this form. By signing this form electronically, you consent to be legally bound by the terms and conditions. PLEASE TYPE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME IN THE BOX BELOW AS INDICATION OF YOUR SIGNATURE.