SelF-Directed Care

Self-Directed Services give individuals with disabilities and their families more freedom in managing  their services individual budgets. For many, having the ability to be more involved in what services they receive and who provides those services is very important. 

Self-directing services will require more responsibility and expectations from the individual receiving the supports and their family. Successful self-direction build on natural support networks through contributions from communities, friends, and family members. 

What does ORI offer? 
Agency is the employer: With this option, ORI is the legal employer and is responsible for the hiring of your chosen staff person(s), State required training, as well as service documentation requirements. Individuals have increased control over What, When, Who and How services are provided. Individuals still have a Case Manager to help monitor ongoing service delivery and individual budgets. 

What does Self-Direction mean for me and my family? 
If you are participating in a Montana Developmental Disabilities waiver, you may be able to Self-Direct all of a portion of your services. These service options may allow you and/or your representative or family to have more control over: 

What: Services or support is received based on assessed needs. 
When: Services are provided.
Who: Provides the service. 
How: Services are provided. 

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