We believe that everyone has the right to live in a home of their choice and receive the best and most customized support possible. Since 1992, ORI has supported that goal by providing Residential Services for adults who are 16 years or older with physical and/or developmental disabilities. Individuals receive different levels of support ranging from 1 hour/week to 24 hours/day.

Residential Coordinators and Direct Support Professionals provide individualized home-based support to promote independence. Everyone we support is assisted in identifying, planning, and accomplishing goals that are aimed at improving their quality of life. An individualized plan is developed with the person's team that emphasizes personal choice, community participation, and developing and maintaining relationships. 

Staff assist with everything from basic needs like eating, bathing, cooking, and medication assistance to supporting domestic skills and providing individual or group shopping excursions. All opportunities are pursued and supported to expand independent life skills for living in the community and enjoying life. Some individuals receive support to manage their finances through ORI’s Fiscal Department.

ORI has nine 24-hour residential locations that include homes and apartments. Six to eight people live in each group home and six people live in ORI’s apartment complex. Two of the homes are custom designed and built to be fully accessible to meet the needs of people with physical disabilities. Home-based day programs assist with rehabilitation goals, domestic skills, community integration and volunteer work, and hobbies. A 24-hour, 7 day a week telephone line is in place for emergency assistance. Each home has a vehicle available to provide the transportation needed to enhance each person’s involvement in the community.