Katie's Kookies

"A Little Heart in Each Bag"

Community, inclusion, and a whole lot of heart. 

Katie and her grandmother started Katie’s Kookies over 15 years ago in their kitchen in Missoula, MT. Katie knew the value of having a job, and she knew how the challenges that come with having a disability affect finding employment. 

But, Katie is just like everyone else! She doesn’t let her personal challenges get in the way of doing what she loves!

There’s a reason why Katie’s Kookies has a little heart in each bag. It’s the same love that you have for your pets, that Katie has for hers and she wants to share that love with you. 

Each Katie’s Kookies purchase helps an adult with a disability obtain meaningful employment. 

After 15 years of successfully running Katie’s Kookies, Katie decided to develop a business venture with Opportunity Resources Inc. a Montana nonprofit that serves people with disabilities, to grow the business and provide employment to even more people like Katie.