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  • Full Time
  • Missoula, MT
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Pay: $17.50/hr
Schedule: Varied Days and Hours

Our Residential Coordinator Position provides coordination and support to adults with disabilities in a residential/group home setting. BA in Human Services or 2 years related experience & experience working with adults with disabilities.

A qualified individual responsible for assisting individuals and supervising staff in supporting individuals with disabilities with their daily living needs, including habilitation, building community and family/friends support, supervision, health and safety, and the enhancement of quality of life.

RESPONSIBLE TO: Associate Directors
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Direct Support Professionals and Shift Supervisors

1. Evaluates the individual’s strengths, needs, interests, and level of risk.
2. Completes or delegates assessments, individualized planning, skill training, and behavioral acceleration/deceleration programs, including recording data.
3. Gathers and presents data, develops & implements individual objectives based on results of assessment and referral information, and the individual’s interests/choices.
4. Observes behaviors to correct tasks improperly completed, and revises training programs to improve the individual’s task performance.
5. Attends to individuals’ behavior to intervene before inappropriate behaviors become threatening or pose a physical threat to self or others.
6. Provides support to individuals served with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) at least 25% of scheduled time weekly.
7. Assists individuals in arranging for outings and providing opportunities for community integration and inclusion.
8. Assists individuals in securing and maintaining suitable housing, both temporary and permanent, as necessary.
9. Ensures inside and outside of home are orderly and well kept.
10. Assists in transportation of individuals in service, as necessary.
11. Monitors and participates in menu planning and shopping, preparation of meals with individuals, and assists with clean up afterward.
12. Documents in writing and reports suspected incidents of abuse, exploitation, and neglect to APS, the Director of Services, and other appropriate agencies and individuals.
13. Assists individuals in the self-administration of medications. Documents and ensures that medications are taken.
14. Completes incident reports/GER for events that affect the health and safety of individuals.
15. Ensures the implementation of the individual’s Personal Support Plan (PSP) and cost plan.
16. Maintains all individual records and reports as required by policy.
17. Assists individuals by investigating in and acquiring resources that facilitate and/or enhance their independence and quality of life.
18. Creates, finds, and uses adaptive devices.
19. Communicates individual’s needs/choices to staff, parents, guardians, advocates, and other agencies.
20. Makes necessary responses during crisis.
21. Uses positive support when handling behavioral incidents.
22. Provides follow-up services and reports as required.
23. Strictly maintains confidentiality regarding the individual.

1. Requests advertising from Human Resource Department, screens, interviews, and recommends for hire, contacts Human Resource Director for approval of hire, and completes transaction files.
2. Coordinates, orientates, trains, supervises & evaluates staff in their delivery of services to individuals with disabilities.
3. Observes staff to monitor and correct inappropriate techniques, and ensures compliance with Corporation policy, PSP, and state and/or federal regulations.
4. Relays the recommendations of disciplinary actions from the Director of Services/Human Resource Director.
5. Completes performance evaluations according to approved procedures and within established timelines.
6. Conducts staff meetings on a regular basis to set direction, define expectations, disseminate information, and answer staff questions/concerns.
7. Assures adequate staffing.
8. Compiles and reviews for accuracy reports, such as but not limited to: time sheets, attendance, mileage claims, substitute staff usage, long-distance calls, quarterly report data, and Individualized Program Plan (IPP) reviews.
9. Reviews and approves leave requests based on staffing requirements and current workloads.
10. Ensures staff is trained in Medication, CPR, First Aid, and behavior management in the required timeline.
11. Maintains awareness of individual’s rights and enforces these rights.
12. Oversees the operation of services to support the health, safety, cleanliness & comfort of the individuals, and the cleanliness and condition of the individual’s home, its furnishings, and equipment, including the provision of necessary and appropriate supplies and equipment for individuals and staff.
13. Performs corporate on-call duties as assigned.
14. Balances checkbooks, food stamps, and assists individuals in paying bills.
15. Reviews Therap and all incident reports and follows up as needed to ensure the health and safety of the individuals and the performance of staff.
16. Uses communication skills to participate effectively as a team member and team leader.
17. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

1. Attends all mandatory orientation and training activities, scheduled staff meetings, and in-services/training.
2. Maintains required certifications.
3. Adheres to corporate policies and procedures.
4. Maintains appropriate attendance.
5. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with individuals, co-workers, parents, agencies, and the public.
6. Uses communication skills to participate effectively as a team member.
7. Accurately documents work hours performed on time sheets/MITC and task sheets.
8. Uses equipment and supplies efficiently and informs Supervisor of shortages/needs.
9. Safeguards and strictly maintains confidentiality of all Private and Personal Information regarding individuals with disabilities received during employment by the Corporation.
10. Practices safe work habits and follow all safety regulations and company procedures.

– Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services or two years of related work experience preferred.
– One year of supervisory experience preferred.
– Prior experience working with persons with disabilities and strong written and communication skills as well as knowledge of community resources preferred.

– No record of abuse/neglect or exploitation of others.
– Must have or obtain a valid Montana driver’s license, have an acceptable driving record, and proof of auto insurance in compliance with Montana State law within one month of hire.
– Must have or obtain Medication and Epilepsy Certification within 30 days of hire.
– Must have a telephone or other means of immediate communication.

– Required to alter scheduled hours or days off on a regular or temporary basis, as necessary.
– Must be able to lift 50 pounds.
– Both indoor and outdoor activities are required.
– Exposure to unpleasant sights, sounds, odors, and physical aggression may be encountered.
– Exposure to communicable diseases and other conditions.

Must Have: Valid driver’s license, No history of neglect, abuse, or exploitation.

Excellent Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance, Generous amounts of Paid Time Off, 403(b) Retirement with up to 4% employer match, Flexible Spending, and Employee Assistance Program.

If you are employed by a Not-For-Profit organization such as Opportunity Resources, Inc. and working 30 hours or more as a Regular Staff, you may be able to receive loan forgiveness on Federal College Loans under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

Veterans are strongly encouraged to apply!
Extensive background checks will be completed on all applicants.
“All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, or other legally protected status.”

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