Please use the form to submit your nominations for the upcoming Eva Award.

What is an Eva Award?
The Opportunity Resources Eva Award is a staff recognition award that is given to 2 staff members each quarter, with a final award given at the end of the fiscal year.

Who can win an Eva Award?
Only staff that are nominated throughout the quarter will be eligible to win an Eva Award. *The winner of the annual award will be chosen from our quarterly winners.

How do I get nominated?
Another staff member must nominate you for the Eva Award. You cannot nominate yourself.

Who can make a nomination? Any ORI staff member can nominate another staff member. Nominations should be made when staff goes above and beyond their job and should be recognized for their exceptional work.



    Deadlines for nominations are as follows:
    Q1: September 19, 2022
    Q2: December 19, 2022
    Q3: March 20, 2023
    Q4: June 19, 2023


    Quarterly Awards:

    Each quarter 2 winners will receive a $75 visa gift card.

    Annual Awards:
    Annual award will be given to one nominee per year. Prize will be a $400 Visa gift card, a framed art piece, and an award plaque. *Only quarterly winners are eligible for the annual award.

    How are winners chosen? All nominees are sent to a third party. Nominees must be up to date on all trainings and have good attendance. Winners are chosen from eligible nominees via random draw. s